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Profile Selection

To decide which profile is best for your installation, please consider the following..

Check the profile of the stair, does it have a rounded front, square front or raked back shape? 

Raked back stairs taper back at an 83 degree angle to give more tread area on the step. It may look square, but just double check, if a square fronted nosing is fitted in this instance, you will find that this will leave a finger sized gap behind, which is not ideal.

Next, consider the amount of foot traffic. Is it a heavy use staircase, if so, you may want to consider a double channel profile, although single channel profiles will suit in many cases.

Which type of floorcovering is being installed? Carpet will usually require a profile from the TH range unless the carpet is very thin. For thicker floorcoverings, you may have to consider the TN1 Nap Trim wich will clip onto the back of any of the TH range to accommodate.

For vinyls, the TS range is suited for these. Standard TS is designed for floorcovering to fit to the back edge. The popular Retrofit profiles have a diminishing back edge, so these can be installed on top of hard floor coverings or bare stairs.

Another thing to consider is does the staircase need to conform to the DDA regulations. If so, then look at the DDA profiles which have a 55mm drop.

Colour choice can be important, the LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of the floorcovering and the insert colour ideally need to differ by 30 points. Check out our download section for the coloured insert LRV values.

The final thing is the installation method, again, details can be found in our download section.

Check out the chart of products

Lets have a look and see which profile will 

suit your job